computer space

"Computer Space"

Play a simulation of the first video arcade game ever made!

Version 1.0 Now Available!!!

This game is compatible with most MAME front ends, such as Hyperspin and MaLa. Set it up as an EXE file (Windows version) and it will work seamlessly in your menu of choice.

You can find accompanying marquee, snap and wheel art images, plus snap videos below!


Computer Space was released in 1971 and was the world's first coin-operated video arcade machine.

My goal is to make this version of Computer Space indistinguishable from the original game, both in game play and visuals.

More info soon. Downloads are below!


Here is a video of Computer Space being launched from my own custom arcade Front End software.

Game Downloads
version 1.0 released 10/22/2017

Current Version Size Date
Computer Space v1.0 for Windows 32/64 bit 12 mb 10/22/2017
Computer Space v1.0 for Linux 15 mb 10/22/2017
Computer Space v1.0 for Mac/OS/X (soon) 14 mb 10/22/2017


The below images can be used in MAME front ends such as Hyperspin and MaLa.


Wheel Art (transparent)
wheel art
Video Snaps

Right-Click file and choose "Save As..."

30 Second Snap Video 640 x 480 5 mb  
30 Second Snap Video 320 x 240 2 mb