Daredevil Dave 2 Announced!
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Be The Daredevil King!!!

Daredevil Dave is the last of a dying breed...the Motorcycle Stuntman! Courageous, charismatic, a bit arrogant, and totally crazy, Dave is famous for his outrageous stunts. Unfortunately, he is even more well known for his horrifying crashes!

Do You Have What It Takes?

Anyone can jump over a bunch of buses, right? Well how about a tank full of hungry Great White Sharks, or a bubbling pit of hot lava? Or perhaps a pair of Chinook helicopters with their blades spinning furiously? Care to test your bravery by jumping your bike through rings of fire, or from one high-rise rooftop to another?

Whatever nasty stunt you can dream up, Dave has already tried it, and failed. Miserably. He has suffered broken bones, concussions, burns, cuts, shark bites, severed limbs, and a lot more!

Travel on Dave's tour and complete each jump challenge. You will receive big prize money for each successful jump! If you get injured, fear not! You can visit the local hospital and get fixed up and try the jump again. Just make sure you have enough money to pay the bill!


Career Mode with 18 unique and challenging jumps!
Injury Mode: See how high of a hospital bill you can get by crashing Dave in creative ways!
Ragdoll physics provide outrageous head-over-heels crashes!
Replayability. Jumps have random elements so you never play the same game twice!
Find creative ways to crash Dave and earn more money! Get eaten by sharks, blown up, tumble down a rocky canyon, vaporized by hot lava, chopped up by a helicopter, run over by a big rig truck, and much much more!!!
Share your high scores and achievements using AGON!
Beautiful 3D graphics provide a wide variety of jump settings!
Hear Dave's hilarious "words of wisdom" as well as his cries of pain as he crashes!
Multiple views including TV cameras, and an on-the bike camera!
Adjust your ramp-tilt and speed to land each jump successfully

Again, we ask, do you have what it takes?

Requires iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 2.2.1 or higher

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