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Daredevil Dave 2


This is the first official announcement that production of Daredevil Dave 2 has begun!

This is very exciting news here at M-Digital Media, as this version will blow away the original!

* High resolution graphics and richly detailed environments, including iPhone Retina Display and iPad support!
* Approximately 60 jumps! Over three times more than the original game! Multiple jumps in each location!
* Ability to steer your bike! This means more interesting stunts, and much more intense crashes!
* Interactive environments! Smash into trackside objects, fly off into the crowd...wreak havoc!!!
* Story driven career mode with more unusual and complex jumps than in the original game!
* Unlockables including new motorcycles, helmets and other protective gear and outfits!
* Better crashes, including bike damage! Watch parts fly off your bike as it tumbles!
* No need to restart your entire career if you run out of money!
* Gamecenter support!
* And, of course, Injury Mode!!!

Poor Dave spent all of his previous winnings on girls and partying and is now flat broke! You must start with a piece-of-junk bike and work your way back up to fame and fortune!

For the latest info and screenshots, go to the Daredevil Dave 2 page right now!


Version 1.2 Update


This update addresses data loss that some people encountered when updating to 1.1.

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Version 1.1 Update Available!


An updateis now available for Daredevil Dave! Fixes a number of things.

• Getting to a Practice jump is easier in Tour mode.
• Leaderboard update.
• Added cars to the Highway Hell jump so Dave can get run over more often.
• Performance improvements.
• Various minor fixes.

This update was released quickly in response to a few important issues. We are already working on the next update!

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Free Version Released!

You can now try the free version of Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!

- 3 jumps (Buses, Canyon Carnage, and the infamous Helicopter Jump!)
- Tour Mode, Injury Mode, and Practice
- No Leaderboard support

Try it NOW!!!


Daredevil Dave TouchArcade Review!!!
5/22/2010 just posted a great review for Daredevil Dave!

Read It Here!


Number 1 Racing Game!!!

Although technically not a racing game, Daredevil Dave is the #1 game in the Racing category, and is #9 in Action games on the App Store! Dave is the #29 Top Paid game as well, and rising!

We are now having a sale and you can get Daredevil Dave for 33% off the normal price. This sale is only for today so don't hesitate!

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Dave Featured On iTunes!!!

Daredevil Dave is now featured in the New And Noteworthy section of the App Store! Dave is getting rave reviews, averaging 4.5 stars!!! He's a hit (Dave, of course, is not surprised)!

Thanks to everyone who has played Dave and submitted reviews!

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Now Available!!!!!!

Daredevil Dave is now available on the App Store!!!

Get it here!!!


Lite Version Submitted

A free "Lite" version of Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman! is awaiting approval from Apple, as is the full version. Should be any day now!


Daredevil Dave Interview

Touch Aholics posted an interview with me on their site!

Check it!


Daredevil Dave Submitted To Apple

The title says it all!!!


Daredevil Dave Release Day Contest Announced!

Dave is just days away from being submitted to Apple! Well, a week or so.

Win an iTunes Gift Card!

The contest will take place in the forums in the official Daredevil Dave thread, so keep your eyes open for it! The thread will be found in the New Releases section of the forum once the game hits the App Store.

In the meantime, you can follow This Thread at TouchArcade for all the latest news on the game. Note that this is not the thread where the contest will take place!

The contest will involve playing the game so the sooner you pick it up, the better your chance of winning!


"Injury Tour Mode" Gameplay To Be Added!

A new gameplay mode is being added to Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!

Injury Tour is like regular Injury Mode on steroids! Go on Dave's full 18 jump tour and rack up as high a medical bill as you can! The goal is to crash hard on every fact, landing safely will earn you nothing!



Release Date Approaching

Though no definite date has been set, Daredevil Dave should be submitted to Apple by the end of April!



Requires iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 2.2.1 or higher

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