Daredevil Dave 2 Is Available Now!


Daredevil Dave 2: Motorcycle Mayhem! is available right now on the iTunes App Store!

You don't need to hear anymore from me right now, JUST GO HERE AND GET IT !!!

It's Done!!!


Daredevil Dave 2: Motorcycle Mayhem will be submitted to the App Store for approval on Nov 28th!

We are set for an early December release! The game is finished and ready to go!!!

I am still posting at the TouchArcade forums more than here at my own site, so check out the Daredevil Dave 2 thread:

Finishing Up The Game!


Most jumps are built and ready to go! There is still work to be done but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight! Daredevil Dave 2 is coming soon!

Stay tuned for more frequent updates!

I will be posting at the TouchArcade forums more than at my own site, so check out the Daredevil Dave 2 thread:

Yes I'm Receiving Your Emails - And Other News


Long time no see! Sorry, I have been working 12 hours a day on Dave 2 - honest I will show you soon - the game has taken on a new life and there is so much cool stuff to mention that I'll have to do it after I get some sleep.

First of all, I am getting all of your email, however I am having technical problems and haven't been able to respond to any of them, which is not my usual style. So I apologize for not responding, I usually answer every single one. Also the spam-bots have discovered me and are flooding my inbox as well.

I will post a new video, probably a behind the scenes type of thing, as well as some screenies.

Some hints of new features - explosions and flammable objects, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, precision crashing, spectators that interact with Dave (uh oh), a blimp, an MRI machine.

I am having the best time ever working on Dave full-time again. There is no estimated release date at this time. More to come soon!

- Mike

Daredevil Dave 2 Video and Article At TouchArcade!


Here it is folks, the first Daredevil Dave 2 video!

What you see in the video is not a finished product. Some areas are just test levels. Just keep that in mind :)

TouchArcade did a nice writeup as well - check it out!

The video shows Dave crashing his bikes on a few different levels. There is so much more in the game that isn't shown...these are just "normal" crashes!

This video is, as promised, comprised only of gameplay footage (other than a brief start and finish screen which is kinda required).

But, this is all explained in the song! This "song" was written for you - the Daredevil Dave fans who have been demanding some gameplay footage!!! It's a little over the top - the singer probably had a bit too much caffeine that day.

Hope you enjoy it!




iPad 2 and iPad 3 used in this video.

If you want to ask Dave or myself anything about the game, or comment or suggest, or simply criticize me personally, feel free to email me!

- Mike

Daredevil Dave 2 Stuff


Putting the final touches on a quick video trailer I'm hoping to release in a few days. A lot of people have emailed me asking me to see some video footage of the game, so it should be coming shortly.

I thought I'd expand on a few new features of Daredevil Dave 2.

Tours, Injury Mode and the Movie Stuntman

In Dave #1, if you ran out of money while on tour, you were forced to retire - in other words, start over. This will not be the case in Dave 2. In the new game, Dave can still run out of cash, but there will be other opportunities for him to make money if he does.

Hollywood Stuntman For Hire

Should Dave run out of cash, he can take on side jobs in order to get back into his tour. One of these jobs will be Movie Stuntman! Dave will lease his body out to a movie studio and must perform dangerous movie stunts to earn cash. It could be a war movie, or an action thriller set in a downtown location. Many of these stunts will involve crashing, and the harder Dave crashes, and the more spectacular the stunt, the more money he will make!

There will be other side missions as well.

Injury Mode

There will be, by insanely popular demand, a return of Injury Mode! Well of course there will be!

Some people didn't like the requirement of completing the entire Tour Mode to unlock Injury Mode, so that will be addressed. I don't want the most popular aspect of the game to be out of reach for players. Some seriously frustrated players have asked for an IAP unlock, but I don't really want in-app purchases in the game. I'll think of something :)

Property Damage will also be assessed during the game. If Dave crashes into a taco stand, or has a head-on collision with a car, or knocks over a building (yikes!) he will need to pay for those damages, as well as his own medical costs. What, you think anyone would insure Dave? Even state run health care refuses to pay for his injuries!

What Is New In Daredevil Dave 2?

Well for the quick list:

  • Extreme Jumps! A much bigger variety of jumps and missions: Race against traffic, jump on top of buildings and structures - or crash into them and destroy them! Catch bad guys, be a hero!!!
  • Destroyable environment - Dave can crash into, knock over and destroy objects in the game.
  • Freedom of movement - steering, in other words. Dave can now fly out of control in any direction!
  • More game modes: Injury Mode, Tour Mode, Hollywood Stuntman missions, and some other surprises!
  • Awesome, Hi resolution 3D Retina graphics, supporting all iOS devices 3GS (hopefully) and newer.
  • Universal App! No crappy IAP! You buy it, you play it! It's simple - this is a game and is supposed to be FUN!
  • Watch the crashes from many angles with numerous TV cameras, including first person view!!!
  • Dave comes to life with even more humor and more screams of agony!
  • More injuries, more bikes, more pain, more glory, and more pure AWESOMENESS than ever!!!
  • GameCenter, Achievements, secret stuff and Easter Eggs, iCloud game saves,
  • Loads of coolness! It's Daredevil Dave - duh!

Hopefully for initial release:

  • Jump Editor - build save and share your own jumps!
  • Instant Replay!

I am going to stop typing now and work on the game. Watch out for that video soon!

If you want to ask Dave or myself anything about the game, or comment or suggest, or simply criticize me personally, feel free to email me!

- Mike

Daredevil Dave 2 Approaching - And So Is Dave's Birthday!!!


I am happy to announce that Daredevil Dave 2 is coming along quickly now! It is looking really sharp on the new iPad! I apologize for not being much of a blogger but my priority is spending every available moment working on the game.

Dave's second birthday is fast approaching and we're trying real hard to get this great game into your hands! We are planning something special for May 11, 2012 in celebration, so stay tuned! No, not the game release.

Latest Features and Additions

iPad 3 support!
Ya baby! Dave looks so real you'll feel his pain!

Destructible Objects!!!
The ability to steer the bike has opened up a lot of possibilities for the game - like destructible objects! They are a real blast to smash into, but they also serve a function. In certain game modes the amount of damage you cause is directly related to your score. In some jumps you may be required to destroy certain structures as well! Awesomeness!

These images show some test objects (note the strange looking brick wall) being crashed into. Click each image for a bigger view.

By the way, this was a tall camera tower before I plowed into it in mid-air!

If you look closely you can see that damage is calculated, as well as Dave's injuries. This info won't be displayed on-screen like this, this is just a test jump.

The best part is that this all runs very smooth on all supported devices (3GS and newer). This was a major challenge!

New Bikes!
Dave starts out with virtually no cash and is forced to build his own bike out of junk. Behold!

As Dave says, "It's not what you ride, but how you ride!" This isn't just any toilet bike though! The toilet tank is filled with Nitrous! Flush the toilet and BOOM! Just try not to crash on this bike. As you can see it isn't very sturdy!

I will be updating this page more frequently as Daredevil Dave 2 gets closer to release.

If you have any questions please contact me directly! All emails will be answered :)

More Screenshots Etc.


Just posted a few screenies on the Screenshots Page.

This jump is still in progress, but I wanted to show the amount of detail that is going into the game, especially when compared with the first one. The shadow quality is lower than it will be in the final game.
(click image to enlarge)


Daredevil Dave 2 For iPad!


Daredevil Dave 2 will be an HD Universal app! It will run on the iPhone 3Gs, as well as Retina displays and iPads in HD! Here is a sample screenshot from the iPad 2:

(click image to enlarge)

Dave had to moving pretty fast to take out 2 port-a-potties...they're heavy!


Miscellaneous Images


Daves new tour bus!

New bike model. Dave will have many bikes to choose from. These have greater detail than before, with spokes, foot levers and pegs, hand levers, kickstarter, frame, chain and sprocket, exhaust system, etc. Even more importantly, many of these parts can come off the bike when Dave crashes!

We will get some gameplay video as soon as possible.


Daredevil Dave 2 Is Coming!


This is the first official announcement that production of a Daredevil Dave Sequel has begun!

This is very exciting news here at M-Digital Media, as this version will blow away the original!

* High resolution graphics and richly detailed environments, including iPhone Retina Display and iPad support!
* Approximately 60 jumps! Over three times more than the original game! Multiple jumps in each location!
* Ability to steer your bike! This means more interesting stunts, and much more intense crashes!
* Interactive environments! Smash into trackside objects, fly off into the crowd...wreak havoc!!!
* Story driven career mode with more unusual and complex jumps than in the original game!
* Unlockables including new motorcycles, helmets and other protective gear and outfits!
* Better crashes, including bike damage! Watch parts fly off your bike as it tumbles!
* No need to restart your entire career if you run out of money!
* Gamecenter support!
* And, of course, Injury Mode!!!

Poor Dave spent all of his previous winnings on girls and partying and is now flat broke! You must start with a piece-of-junk bike and work your way back up to fame and fortune!

Screenshots and more info will be posted here very soon!!!




Comments, questions? let us know!

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