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Bunch of new screenshots!

Destruction levels - make money destroying as much as possible!


Movie Stunt where you need to destroy a Mob-run Illegal Fireworks Flea Market...



A day at the local landfill


That's my real truck Dave is hitting



Motorcycle Golf!


Another Movie Stunt...




Because everyone just loved the ring of fire from the first game ;)



New screens

As usual, not everything you see is "final version" quality yet. The menu buttons and Daves arms and gloves, for instance.

Daredevil Dave would like to introduce you to a brand new sport! It's called Motorcycle Golf (for now anyways).

Beautiful serene settings...


A new feature to the game is the ability for Dave to bail-off the bike in mid-air. It's a silly feature perhaps, but it has its' uses.
Below - Dave makes a dive for the first green. :)


The image below shows something I'm working on. The "gauges" below the throttle (right side of screen) are to help the player achieve the desired speed easier and quicker. The vertical line on the right shows how far the player has pulled the throttle. The one on the left shows the actual current speed of the bike. This is not the final version, but it really helps a lot, especially when you're trying to nail the perfect speed, attempt after attempt.


Another new feature! Dave will get his own medical truck and can acquire equipment like MRI machines. The more equipment you accumulate, the less you pay for medical bills.

Below: I made Dave bail-off the bike and he landed in the MRI machine on the first try! Unbelievable! Maybe that should be an achievement!


Duck cam. No comment. Quack!





Antialias! Anisotropic Filtering!

Most gamers have an idea what antialiasing is, but for those who do not, compare this image with the similar one in the previous entry. Notice the nice smooth edges around the gloves and other surfaces (click the images to enlarge)? Yaaaa! Textures are also sharper.

Yes, it's been awhile since the last post but working on the game is top priority. Expect more goodies soon.

(click image to enlarge)



These images don't show the HUD...just a temporary speed readout and pause button for now. These pics were all taken from the iPad 2.

Vegas Casino Jump. Swaying trees, water fountains, things to crash into and knock over. Still a work in progress. This is a dangerous place to be jumping a motorcycle!

(click image to enlarge)

We have some people in the stands here. In fact, I am one of those people!

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)


Fire, broken bike parts, and a hyperextended knee...OUCH!



Dave had to moving pretty fast to take out 2 port-a-potties...they're heavy!
(click image for full size)








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