Daredevil Dave was designed by M-Digital Media, a one person team consisiting of Michael Massei.

About The Designer

The Daredevil Dave games were concptualized and built in their entirety by myself. All artwork, 3D models, animation, level design, sound design and programming. This was okay for the first game, however Daredevil Dave 2 was a much larger project. I soon realized that this was a massive amout of work for one person.

After several years of work, Daredevil Dave 2: Motorcycle Mayhem! was finally completed.

After the success of Dave #1, which reaced the top 10 in games and the top 15 in overall apps, I was able to commit to working on games full time. It took a few years for me to get around to designing this sequel.

Throughout the process there were many times where I was close to giving up. The game was getting bigger and bigger and I thought it was too much for me to handle alone. But I knew this was turning out to be a great game - even after years of hard work I still enjoyed play testing it and watching and hearing Dave get into all kinds of painful trouble.

Dave Gets A Voice

There is one other person who had a hand in making Daredevil Dave the character he is today, and that person is Douglas Doherty. Douglas in the voice of Daredevil Dave. Without him, Dave would just be a bunch of pixels on a screen. Through Doug's unique voice and humor, life was breathed into Dave.

Douglas had no voice acting experience at all. In the first game I initially did the voice myself, primarily just to get the sound engine built and to see what it was like to have Dave scream as he crashed. Being self-conscious, I decided I didn't like hearing my own voice in the game.

I immediately thought that Douglas, who is a good friend of mine, might have the right sense of humor, so I gave him a copy of the game and asked him to play around with it a little. I had already developed the character and his attitude by using a lot of textual comments within the game. He was supposed to be a cool, yet dimwitted stuntman, who is brave beyond belief (to the point of stupidity). Dave fancies himself a "ladies man" - whether or not he actually is one is unknown.

I asked Doug to play the game, get to know Dave a little, then see what he could come up with. After some days, I receieved a CD with some sound files he had put together. I literally fell out of my chair laughing at what I was hearing. I excitedly selected all the parts I thought I could use and put them in the game. It was genius! The perfect voice, the perfect type of humor - this was magic!

Douglas is Daredevil Dave! It was a perfect match. I later sent him some scripted stuff I wanted him to say, but most of the hilarity was improvised by Douglas himself, and some of it was pretty off the wall. We share a similarly warped sense of humor and it just worked beautifully.

I laughed the entire time I worked on Dave #1, even my neighbors commented that they got a kick out of hearing me laughing all the time!

When Dave #2 was underway, I of course called upon Douglas to once again lend his magic. I wrote some of the material, but again, the stuff Doug came up with on his own was the best - just awesome. This time around we had much better recording equipment, and we even built a sound deadened room for him to work in. We went back many times to add more sounds, and the result was almost 500 phrases and screams of pain (I call them "oofs") that I was able to put into the game.

The game would not be the same without Douglas.